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3D Manufacturing for Metals: Reducing Supply Chain Risk for Forgings and Castings


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Client: U.S. Army Ground Vehicles Systems Center

Category/Market: 3D Manufacturing for Metals

Need: In order to build a 3D manufacturing capability and reduce supply chain risk for forgings and castings, the Army Ground Vehicle Systems Center (GVSC) wanted to find 3D manufacturing companies specializing in large-scale 3D metals. GVSC also wanted to identify labs undertaking cutting-edge research along with the foremost experts in the field.

Approach: In less than 4 weeks, our team engaged GVSC program team and created a complete 3D manufacturing ecosystem map, specific to large-scale metal formats. We used a combination of Analyst research and AI-MI™ to match vendors, labs, and experts:

  • Using OntologyMatch to identify 3D manufacturing capabilities for large-scale metal printing
  • Using VendorMatch to match potential vendors
  • Using research and R&DMatch to identify potential labs and research institutions
  • Using ExpertMatch to match experts from across the world


  • Comprehensive Process Analysis: Mapped the Additive Manufacturing process for metals in order to identify potential required capabilities
  • Metals Application Industry Segmentation: Developed a detailed breakdown of the market including vendors and types of use cases they were addressing
  • Comprehensive Supplier Identification: Identified and cataloged 303 unique suppliers with specific capabilities, experience, and qualifications
  • Ecosystem Mapping: Matched 400 industry experts, 40 patented innovations, 12 industry associations, and consortiums, and over 100 research institutions and universities, all integral parts of the Metals Additive Manufacturing market ecosystem.

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