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Growth Accelerator for Women-Led Tech Companies in Partnership with the Shatter Fund

As a small business, contracting with public agencies can feel intimidatingly complex. Public Spend Forum demystified the process, holding our hand and coaching us through the application of what we already know about helping customers and solving problems to what public agencies need. We've benefitted from their insight, guidance and tools that help us hone in one where our time and expertise can deliver a lot of value for public agencies and taxpayers.
Tanya Barham
CEO, Community Energy Labs


The Shatter Fund, a leading venture capital firm led by Shelly Kapoor Collins of Sway Capital based out of Silicon Valley, has been a pioneer in helping women-led tech companies break into new industries.

Seeing the government market as a key opportunity for women-led companies to make an impact, Shatter sought the support of Public Spend Forum (PSF) to run an Accelerator to:

  • Build knowledge of the federal and state/local government market
  • Provide them the strategy and sales guidance to accelerate their growth within the market


PSF provided end-to-end strategy support for the overall accelerator to include:

  • Set up of application process and criteria for selection of up to 10 companies
  • Recruiting of companies to apply utilizing PSF’s database of  2.5M+ companies as well as our ecosystem of partners
  • 10-week strategy, sales and GovMarket sprints with clear outputs to include market plans for each company, go to market strategies
  • 12 month ongoing opportunity/customer identification and pursuit coaching


Main keypoints and summary:

  • Selected 10 companies at various stages of maturity from over 110 applications
  • 20+ workshops and group coaching sessions
  • Identified over 750 specific opportunity matches to pursue over 15 week period
  • Matched over 225 government customer programs to companies
  • Over 10 customer sessions
  • Defined market strategy and go-to-market plans for each company

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