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Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems: Understanding the cUAS Supplier Base in Marketplace


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Client: U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

Category/Market: Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems (cUAS)

Need: To support a growing need for counter drones, the DHS team needed to better understand the counter drones market and vendor base.

Approach: 4-week AMI Sprint using PSF’s Expert Analysis and AI-MI. Leveraged our continuously curated/validated data on over 4m companies, products, and technologies, further validated and analyzed by the research team.


Custom cUAS Market Report and data, powered by additional research and AIMI:

  • Identified specific capabilities and segments for cUAS products and services.
  • Identified 132 potential suppliers, including an existing vendor base across the federal government and emerging companies with proven products and capabilities.
  • Provided refreshed data on market and vendor base

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