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IT Services: Supercharging Spending and Supply Chain Visibility


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Client:  U.S. Army Acquisition

Category/Market: IT Services

Need: Given the lack of visibility across the enterprise, the Army CIO and Acquisition team needed to (1) better understand cross-Army requirements and spending on IT services; and (2) improve spending with emerging and innovative, small businesses.

Approach: In less than six weeks, the Analyst team used AI-MI (Artificial Intelligence for Market Intelligence) algorithms and data, without making a single data call to the Army, and identified opportunities to improve requirements, spending, and emerging vendor spending. Tools used: OntologyMatch to define the IT services market; SpendMatch to uncover billions in spending; VendorMatch to match over 10k IT services suppliers.


  • Identified Market Misalignment: Used OntologyMatch to map the IT Services market – our analysis revealed a significant lack of commercial alignment with the current market and vendor capabilities.
  • Uncovered 35% more in IT Services Spending: AI algorithms uncovered additional spending of more than $2.3 Billion, not coded in traditional IT codes.
  • Discovering award-winning suppliers: We found a list of over 100 award-winning suppliers that were not Army incumbents but had previously won awards across DoD with other services.
  • Identified the supplier base: Through our extensive analysis, we identified more than 7,500 new potential suppliers in the IT Services market.

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