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Microelectronics: Accelerate Growth of Microelectronics Industry


Detailed Case Study Coming Soon!

Client: Economic Development Agency

Category/Market: Microelectronics

Need: To support a Governor’s agenda for the growth of the microelectronics industry, a state economic development agency asked PSF to map the innovation ecosystem of companies, labs, educational and entrepreneurship partners and identify opportunities to accelerate growth.

Approach: In less than 4 weeks, our team leveraged our deep research and AI-MI databases to map the state’s entire ecosystem.


Comprehensive market ecosystem and recommendations report and datasets to include:

  • Benchmarking state against other states across all aspects of innovation ecosystems
  • Mapping entire industrial base of companies including startups and out-of-state companies with investments
  • Mapping R&D projects and institutions
  • Identifying initiatives to support STEM/microelectronics education and entrepreneurship

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