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Polymers/Elastomers in Space: Deep Tech Analysis and Ecosystem Mapping


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Client: Air Force Research Labs (AFRL)

Category/Market: Polymers/Elastomers in Space

Need: To support its innovation roadmap for in-orbit repair and servicing, Air Force Research Labs wanted to understand cutting-edge applications of polymers/elastomers.

Approach: In less than 4 weeks, we used AAI-MI™ Deep Tech Analysis and Ecosystem Mapping workflow as follows:

  • Used OntologyMatch™ to develop taxonomy and market terminology for polymers/elastomers
  • Used TechAnalysis™ to understand applications and specific technologies used including characteristics of materials
  • Mapped vendors and R&D base with VendorMatch™
  • Mapped patents through AI-MI PatentMatch™


Provided comprehensive technology report, dataset and dashboard that AFRL used to select potential pilots for polymers/elastomers. Specifics of analysis and insights provided:

  • Identified emerging applications and specific products/technologies for On-orbit Servicing, Assembly, and Manufacturing (OSAM).
  • Mapped 200+ Experts, 120+ Research Institutions and Universities and 1400+ patents
  • Mapped more than 300+ Products and Services

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