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Debrief for April 5, 2017 Meeting of the Public Sector Best Practices Exchange

At the most recent meeting of Public Spend Forum’s Public and Social Sector Procurement Best Practices Exchange, leaders from across the public sector gathered to discuss three key topics on the agenda:

1) Mid-Tier Supplier Challenges in the Federal Market – (discussion led by Jerry Miles, Mid-Tier Advocacy, Inc representative)

2) World Bank Procurement Benchmarking Study Update (discussion led by Tania Ghossein, World Bank)

3) Public Procurement Draft Metrics Framework (discussion led by Ash Bedi, Public Spend Forum)

The attendees included Chief Procurement Officers and other senior leaders from US federal, state and local agencies including Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Fairfax County Virginia, AARP, the World Bank, US Department of Commerce, US Department of Energy, US Department of Interior, US Department of Defense, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, US Trade Development Agency, US Department of Treasury, Michigan State University and more.


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