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LSI’s back

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Defense One reports the Air Force is asking L3, responsible for jamming equipment, to select the plane that holds it in a replacement for the “42-year-old EC-130H Compass Call.” The reactions?

“Some observers have expressed concern that [lead system integrator] arrangements can result in the government having insufficient visibility into many program aspects such as program costs, optimization studies conducted by LSIs for determining the mix of systems to be acquired, LSI source-selection procedures, and overall system performance,” the Congressional Research Service wrote in 2010.

Oh, and this: “One observer went further, calling the use of LSI for Compass Call an ‘awful idea.'”

The article lists potential replacements as a G550, 737-7, and a Global 6000. Gulfstream has partnered with L3 before, but Bombardier wants to play in a F&O competition. Meanwhile, “Boeing in particular is worried that the choice will shape how the Air Force replaces several fleets of old Boeing 707.”

(It’s worth remembering the smallest variant of 737 NG served as the basis for the Boeing Business Jet, and Boeing’s moved on to the 737 MAX with a LEAP from CFM in place of the CFM56 on the NG variants).

Everything old is new again, I guess (in this case literally).

Jason Bakke
Proposal Manager
Censeo Consulting Group (Censeo)
Washington DC


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