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What’s the big deal about microconsulting?

I was reading an article about removing the roadblocks to public sector technology modernization. It talked about a “show, don’t tell” mentality that acquisition folks need to adopt. I totally get that ethos for when it comes to digital services and technology.

Nowadays, every piece of new tech comes with a free trial period…its almost table stakes for SaaS companies looking to market their latest killer app. But there are also plenty of upstart services firms that would love your agency to “test drive” their engineering and design talent on your current problem du jour.

Unfortunately, and rather ironically, the acquisition process makes a big challenge out of spending small money.

That’s where I see the value in microconsulting services. Having the chance to retain these companies on small deals under the micropurchase threshold gives the “show, don’t tell” mentality a chance to take root. While you won’t likely solve your tech problems by throwing a few grand onto microconsulting deal, you can surely kick the tires on a new team that may not have proven experience in the public sector.

Not only is it a great and risk free way to try before you buy, it lowers a major barrier to entry for gov-focused startups everywhere that are looking to get a foot in the door. I look forward to exploring this topic in an upcoming webinar, and would love to know what questions our Exchange community has about microconsulting.

Please tell me what’s on your mind and I’ll use it to develop our agenda!

Frank McNally
Director, Learning & Content Development


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