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Market, Tech and Ecosystem Research and Insights Our ongoing research, analysis and data curation goes beyond glossy reports to provide actionable and deep insights on technology markets, government needs and commercial supply chains.
As part of our ongoing coverage and analysis of emerging tech markets, we provide regular market briefs, reports and insights along with market specific dashboards and data. Our goal is to help you keep up with and gain deep insights into complex markets while providing you detailed and actionable data/insights on use cases, portfolio of emerging companies, investors and regions driving innovation.
Our reports and analysis provide deep and actionable insights:
Market and Tech Reports
Understand market trends and ecosystems
  • Technology trends
  • Buyers/Suppliers in the market
  • Regional breakdown and analysis
Government Market Demand and Use Cases
Know who is buying what
  • Market Demand and Size
  • Use Cases and Needs
  • Most Active Buyers and Program Offices
Supplier, R&D and Full Ecosystem Reports
Discover companies, labs and partners
  • Comprehensive ecosystem including companies working with government, emerging companies and non-traditional partners
  • R&D and Research Institutions
  • Investors, Experts and Other Influential Organizations
Program and Regional Analysis
Identify regional innovation clusters and trends
  • Analysis of key government investment programs(e.g, SBIR/STTR, Grants)
  • Buyer/Suppliers Trends
  • Regional breakdown
Custom AI + Analyst Assisted Market Intelligence(AMI) Reports
Customize for you market/technology specific use case
  • Define your use case and technology scope
  • Define the questions you want answered(tech, buy, supply, investments)
  • Our team will do the rest to get you CUSTOM REPORT and data
What Others are Saying About Our Analysis
This is a terrific report. We're going to share internally. Is it okay to share external to the DOD. There are more than a handful of companies that would find this useful.
Director at Defense Innovation Unit
This is some of the best work I’ve ever seen using taxonomies and unstructured data! Imagine, applying this same analysis to millions all investments by region and people.
Executive Director, University of Chicago Center for Impact Sciences
This is fantastic data! We certainly would like a briefing.
SVP of Microelectronics and Advanced Technologies, Large OTA Manager

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