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We are in the midst of a transformation in the way we interact with computing machines. Augmented and virtual reality technologies are starting to enable heads-up engagement with data in three dimensions, with government agencies in many ways leading this change. Whether reviewing the designs complex equipment for defense programs, practicing coordination of jumps from planes, or therapeutics to help veterans recover from injury, or field support engineers getting remote support while repairing a complex piece of equipment, AR and VR technologies are being used to create immersive and real-life experiences that often mirror reality. Delivering these technologies are a myriad of up and coming startups as well established technology giants.

AWS and Public Spend Forum brought together government leaders, technology startups and emerging technology firms, and experts to discuss how AR/VR technologies can transform governments approach training and development. This session was part of our Breakthrough Series, where we focused on helping government find technology for pressing challenges and helping companies break through the government bureaucracy to more easily work with government.

Breakthrough: Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) Applications and Startups in Government

The session will include a panel as well as short demonstrations by innovators at the forefront of the immersive transformation including:


Taqtile provides industrial knowledge capture, digitization and codification software for military and enterprise customers, revolutionizing the way that tasks are learned, and performed, creating smarter organizations and enabling “tribal” knowledge to be captured and transformed into a digital construct. Taqtile’s Manifest leverages Augmented Reality (AR) for simple “authoring” of instructions by SME’s, leveraging video, photos, voice, text and digital twins. Authors can place virtual pointers on physical assets, display PDF’s of relevant content, integrate IOT and digital twins of industrial assets. The resultant procedures enable operators to perform complex tasks they would otherwise be unable to perform.”


Studio216 is an XR SaaS and professional services company. Our collaborative software, Altoura XR, is used by Fortune 500 businesses to easily deploy immersive solutions that cut cost, increase proficiency and save time. From immersive, intelligent training simulators, augmented reality field service applications, or immersive commercial real estate sales tools, Altoura XR is empowering frontline workers to do their jobs better. With 15 years of 3D expertise, Studio216 has built thousands of optimized objects and environments for hundreds of customers all over the world. As an original software developer for Microsoft HoloLens, Altoura XR works across a range of devices – from headsets to laptops to mobile.

Attendees will also see demonstrations from:

Please note this event is for defense professionals interested in learning more about AR/VR applications for mission-critical training as well as MRO/operational training use-cases. Startups in this industry are also encouraged to attend. 



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