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Close more deals. It’s what everyone wants, but how to do it?

For startups and small businesses seeking a foothold in the government market, this series teaches you how to put your company in the best possible position to be found by government buyers so you can close more deals.

Geared specifically for startups and small businesses with a commercially ready product or service, we give you techniques you can apply right away to discover new government contracting opportunities and be 100% prepared to take advantage of them. We also help you learn how government buyers select contractors and how best to navigate the procurement process.

If you have a product or service that government needs, but don’t know how to sell it to them, this course is for you! If you have new staff members who you want to get up to speed on public procurement, this course is for them!

If you’re just feeling rusty or unclear about what goes on inside the govcon machine, then you’ll be glad you spent the time learning with us. We’ve broken down the complete workshop into digestible parts covering the full agenda:

The Basics of Government Contracting

Developing Business in the Federal Government

The Shred: A Deep Dive into Reading and Responding to Government Solicitations featuring The Pulse of Government Contracting

Got some additional questions? Check out these open office hours with our Public Spend Forum team members:

Check out all the session recordings above and for more best practices, subscribe to our YouTube channel!



Frank McNally
Director of Learning & Content Development
Raj Sharma
Co-Founder and CEO
Ben McMartin
Managing Partner
Amber Hart
Co-founder, The Pulse of GovCon
Lisa Shea Mundt
Co-founder, The Pulse of GovCon
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