Andrew Eagle
Director, Regulated Industries, Solution Consulting,...
As the Director of Solution Consulting for SAP Ariba's Regulated Industries region, Andy guides a team of highly proficient Solution Engineers in assisting customers with SAP Ariba's Procurement, Supplier and Network...

In partnership with NIGP

As part of Public Spend Forum’s ProTech Innovation Labs, Public Spend Forum is excited to bring you the eProcurement Demo Day series.

Throughout this series, attendees will:

  • Discover leading practices in procurement that can improve  outcomes for you and your customer

  • Survey the emerging technology landscape and review how tools can be leveraged to improve individual and organizational performance

  • Determine how other organizations and professionals are tackling procurement challenges be listening to real case studies

For the first edition, SAP Ariba showcased a case study on how eProcurement technologies are helping contracting organizations and workforce deliver more value, streamline contracting processes, and create competition.

Check out the complete recording below and visit our events page for more presentations in the eProcurement Demo Day Series.