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Thu, Aug 05, 2021 3:00 ‒ 3:30 PM EDT
Registration is available until 5th Aug

As part of our mission to create “Open Government Markets”, we are proud to bring the Emerging Tech and Innovation Showcase, where you’ll hear short “pitches” from several emerging companies.

The goal of the Showcase is to:

  • Build awareness of emerging and innovative solutions in the market that have the potential to address critical government missions
  • Lower barriers and costs for small businesses to present their capabilities to government and buyer audiences at NO cost.


  • 5 minute speed pitches from cutting edge tech companies

Please join us as we build this open community and platform for emerging businesses to showcase their solutions and drive impact and outcomes for critical government missions.

If you’re an innovative and emerging tech company looking to showcase your solution, learn more and apply for the Innovation & Tech Showcase, here. The Innovation & Technology Showcase is at no cost to the participants as part of our mission to create open government markets.

This event took place on Aug 05, 2021. Follow our news and updates.


Matthew Keller
Founder & CEO
Chris Coulther
Cloud Migration Specialist
Rachel Cossar
Virtual Sapiens
Co-Founder & CEO
Evan MacRae
Business Analyst