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Meet 2021’s “Virtual Showroom” — changing the face of retail and of remote teams. This immersive experience can be used to engage with colleagues, collaborate on projects and much more — try your hand at what the future of AR/VR holds and meet the trailblazer who has built this cutting edge technology.

At Public Spend For-Her’s inaugural event, you will meet Julie Smithson, Founder of MetaVRse, Augmented Reality technologist, Board Chairperson of XR Women, and a highly recognized leader in the rapidly emerging and developing field of virtual reality.

This 45-min event will be a conversation between you and Julie — as she discusses her personal journey through the field of AR/VR, her unique experience as a female leader in the technology ecosystem, and her insights into how best to achieve gender equity in the workplace. Plus:

  • The future of AR/VR: what you need to know
  • Entrepreneurship and growth in emerging technologies
  • Women in technology
  • Building collaborative, inclusive communities
  • Impacts of COVID-19 on AR/VR — the good and bad

Julie Smithson is: Founder of MetaVRse, Chairperson of the Board for XR Women, the Co-Founder of XR Ignite, the Producer of XR Collaboration, a member of the AR/VR Association, and an XR Bootcamp Advisor.

This webinar is brought to you by Public Spend For-Her (PSFH), an organization within Public Spend Forum that promotes gender equity in the public procurement space and beyond. Public Spend For-Her’s three pillars are Share, Empower, and Project. Through this webinar series, PSFH hopes to provide opportunities for successful government suppliers and procurement professionals to share their experience and insight in the public procurement space, to empower young professionals of all genders to excel, and to project and inspire the creation of more inclusive spaces.



Julie Smithson
MetaVRse and XR Ignite, Producer of XR Collaboration
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