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Join this Master Mind to learn about high-growth strategies that help you create a robust pipeline, reduce your time to revenue, and help build scale. This event is only for GovShop Subscription holders.

Do you feel you are alone in your growth journey, with no one to get answers from, no one to lean on?  You don’t have to be.

As anyone who has grown and built any type of business knows, having mentors and advisors and peers can help tremendously learn new practices and get answers to challenges that may be preventing us from growing and scaling our business.

Join our weekly Master Mind with Raj Sharma, CEO and Founder of Public Spend Forum, leaders and experts from our global network and entrepreneurs who are working to drive growth in their businesses.

As part of “Growth MasterMind”, we will:

  • Discuss one growth framework or strategy with specific examples, presented by Raj and other experts, based on proven growth principles
  • Have a group discussion on how the strategy can be applied to your business
  • Have an open Q&A where our team can help get “unstuck”

See you there!



Raj Sharma
Public Spend Forum & GovShop
Founder and CEO
Market and Supplier Intelligence
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