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As part of our ongoing GovMarket Growth MasterMind, we will focus this session on “Fastest Path to Cash and Closing Deals”.  

Let’s face it, government deals can take FOREVER to close.  1 year, 18 months is not unheard of.

But what is lost in this is that there is a lot of bad advice being given out there, one too focused on responding to RFPs and genertaing proposals.

The best, most creative businesses have “go to market” strategies that ensure there is a “faster path to cash and closing deals” alongside any of the bigger deals you may be working on.

Come join us to see the myriad of ways you can close deals faster, share your examples…and get on your way to closing deals faster!

See you there!



Raj Sharma
Public Spend Forum & GovShop
Founder and CEO
Michael Kapoor
The Shatter Fund, Venture Capital
Managing Partner
Market and Supplier Intelligence
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