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What unique barriers do women-entrepreneurs face in working with government and what can we do about it?

Scores of women-led emerging technology companies have the ability to drive significant impact on critical government missions. However, in addition to the challenges faced by most small businesses in working with government, women-led tech companies face other cultural and institutional barriers that have built over decades.

Join the Founders and CEOs of Public Spend Forum and Shatter Fund’s inaugural women-led emerging tech accelerateor as they provide candid input on:

  • Challenges faced by women entrepreneurs in general when it comes to various aspects of building and scaling companies

  • Barriers in navigating government markets, especially those unique to women-led companies

  • Solutions and success stories and what others can do to drive change and lower barriers

Learn more about Public Spend Forum and Shatter’s GovMarket Growth Accelerator from the Shatter Fund x Public Spend Forum here. 



Alice Agogino
Squishy Robotics
Claire Haidar
CEO and Founder
Kerry Schrader
CEO and Co-founder
Lori Moore Merrell
International Public Safety Data Institute
President and CEO
Mamta Sonwalker
Pamela Norton
CEO and Founder
Tiasia O'Brien
Founder and Head of Strategy
Shelly Kapoor Collins
Founding Partner
Raj Sharma
Public Spend Forum
Co-Founder and CEO
Market and Supplier Intelligence
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