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Protecting critical infrastructure, sensitive data, and political propaganda are all driving cyber security to the top of the government priority list. As governments seek proven and innovative solutions to address the changing cyber landscape, they are looking at every potential partner from larger, global companies to emerging companies and startups that are rapidly building innovative solutions.

The Public Spend Forum team, through our GovShop Supplier Intelligence platform, has been building a robust database of cyber security companies that address this myriad of threats. At a recent webinar, Raj Sharma, Co-Founder and CEO at Public Spend Forum & GovShop, and Spence Witten, Vice President Global Sales at Lunarline, Inc., discussed government use cases and how to best identify suppliers with GovShop’s cyber data to uncover and learn more about cyber suppliers for your emerging needs.

Because the marketplace is changing so fast, it can be a difficult task for procurement professionals to acquire cyber security solutions. What are all the solutions that exist and the avenues available to acquire them? Raj and Spence provided insights on how to get started on the right foot.

Additionally, whether you are packaging cyber solutions with an IT purchase or acquiring them through a specific solicitation, you’ll benefit from hearing insights on how to get it right.

LISTEN: Cyber Security Solutions for Government – Advice from Industry

Check out the webinar recording above and watch other relevant videos from Public Spend Forum on our YouTube channel!

The cyber market is complex and fast-changing so we also wanted to share a few additional sources from experts that we thought are worth highlighting for anyone doing market research on cyber. You can also check out tips for buying cyber security products and services directly from this webinar’s speaker, Spence Witten.

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