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Westminster, London and Online
Thu, Dec 05, 2019 3:00 ‒ 5:00 PM BST
Registration is available until 5th Dec

As governments around the world increasingly look to technology to help address critical missions, they are leveraging new methods and tools to discover and partner with startups, emerging and non-traditional firms. Whether it is NATO in Europe or Air Force in the US addressing national security missions or cities across the world-building “smart cities,” challenges, prize competitions and “other transaction authorities” are quickly becoming the norm. The results: less cost, faster deployment of solutions, and more innovation.

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On December 5, 2019, we hosted an exclusive International Executive Roundtable on Innovation and Emerging Tech in Government, in the heart of London. The event brought together leaders from government and the emerging tech community to discuss how international governments are leveraging new tools and processes to engage non-traditional, emerging companies as well as specific actions to drive future collaboration and initiatives across the world.

Leaders from across Europe and the U.S. came together representing organizations to further the discussion on the importance of innovation through emerging tech and opening of markets. Key takeaways from this engaging roundtable included the need for culture change and talent development, the need for better market and supplier research including better and easier access to data, and facilitating collaboration across government organizations so they can better learn from others.

The event was organized by Public Spend Forum, GovCity, and DefSec Innovation Hub (DSIH), which is sponsored by Czech Technical University, NATO Innovation Hub and other ecosystem partners. DSIH, in partnership with Public Spend Forum, is the lead organization facilitating innovation workshops for NATO’s Innovation Hub.

This event took place on Dec 05, 2019. Follow our news and updates.


Peter Ocko
Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade, Czech Republic
Gian Luigi Albano
National Central Purchasing Organisation, Italy; Member of European Expert Group on Purchasing
Lauren Knausenberger
Chief Transformation Officer, US Air Force
Adam Furtado
Branch Chief, Kessel Run (US Air Force)
Tania Ghossein
Senior Global Specialist, World Bank Group
Eliza Niewiadomska
Senior Counsel, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Digital Economy, Open Government
Luke van Beek
CEO, Innovo Defence, UK
Adam Cox
Director, Strategy for Science & Technology, US Department of Homeland Security
Lt. General Jonathon Riley
Expert in Command, Control and Decision Making Applications
Ian Makgill
Founder & CEO, Open Opps, UK
Kristina Soukupova
President, DefSec Innovation Hub
Raj Sharma
CEO, Public Spend Forum
Alan Day
CEO, State of Flux
Lori-Ann Rissler
Agreements Officer, Kessel Run (U.S. Air Force)
Hera Hussein
Open Contracting Partnership
Timothy Barnes
Chairman, NACUE (Connecting Entrepreneurial Societies)
Molly Cain
Founder, GovCity