Washington, D.C.

The first event, known as the Joint Acquisition Agility Summit, resulted in practitioner collaboration across the Department of Defense and provided OTA practitioners a network of professionals to tap into. The results were further briefed to OSD, who instituted the DAU Community of Practice, and opened the chain of communication for input on OTA policy and guidance. The JASS, will take that impact to the next level with access to the practitioners shaping current policies, and brief outs of the Blue Sky plans directly to OSD and Service Officials.

On Day 1, participants can expect a summary of the results of the JAAS; baseline the progress from the previous JAAS; provide updates on new policy generated since then; then convene a brainstorming and solution discovery intensive to develop new blue sky plans for the next year; followed by a Rooftop Reception

DAY 2 will include an industry feedback and collaboration session with select private sector financing and industry partners with experience bidding and executing OTA’s, to capture industry and 3rd party finance perspective of current OTA environment; Teams will revise their blue sky plans if appropriate; The teams will then brief out to senior DOD executives on what they learned; what their challenges are; and what their proposed blue sky plan is; Day 2 will end after brief outs for those traveling.

This event is open to Active U.S. Military and DOD Civilians. We are looking for a mix of disciplines (Legal, Pricing, Contracts, Program Management, Budget, and so on). Interested parties can submit their information for consideration below:


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Registration is available until 1st Jun