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Join Raj Sharma and Professor Rob Handfield, Along With Other World Class Experts, to Learn the Essentials of Market Intelligence to Improve Your Program, Procurement and Industrial Base Outcomes

And earn Continuous Learning Credits!

As program, supply chain and procurement/acquisition professionals, you know the importance of finding the right industry partners to help achieve outcomes. However, finding the right partner, whether it is an emerging/diverse company with an innovative solution or an established player that is delivering superior results, is easier said than done.

Finding data from dozens of places and piecemealing it together can be daunting and require enormous amounts of time. Getting answers to questions from companies is not easy as they are often not willing to share. Knowing which sources to trust is another challenge.

Learn the 7 Essential Principles of Market Intelligence (7mi) to Supercharge Your Market Research

7MI – the 7 Essentials of Market Intelligence and Industrial Base Analysis – can be best described as a framework to help you rapidly understand any industry or market, incorporating fundamental business and economic principles. It is designed to be fact-based and analytical as opposed to “hunches” and collaborative with an emphasis early engagement of suppliers.

Master Class Series: 7 Essentials of Market Research and Industrial Base Analysis

By joining, you will learn from world-renowned instructors and more:

  • Define your goals and questions for your market research
  • Collect and analyze market research data including primary and secondary research methods, hard-to-access data sources and analytical methods for culling through large sets of data
  • Effectively engage suppliers and build trust
  • Synthesize your research into actionable steps
  • Use technology and platform such as GovShop to understand markets

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Raj Sharma
Public Spend Forum & GovShop
Founder & CEO
Rob Handfield
Supply Chain Resource Cooperative, NC State University
Founder and Executive Director
Market and Supplier Intelligence
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