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The government market is not as daunting and complex as it is made out to be.

With $12 trillion in market opportunities at stake, it is time to take out the myth that the government market is too complex for the average company.

Yes it is complex.  Yes it requires some work.  But which market doesn’t.

The fact is, there are MANY EXAMPLES of successful companies, coming into the market quickly, winning work within a few weeks and building highly impactful businesses serving government customers.

These companies don’t all follow the exact same route but there are some key principles that work!

JOIN our Founder Raj Sharma for our GROWTH MASTERCLASS – 7 Key to Quickly Building a High Growth Government Market Business.

Based on proven strategies used by Raj as well as countless other successful companies, we have identified 7 key principles that work:

  • How to quickly find who buys what you sell so you can start engaging them right away?
  • How to build content that educates and influences customers to buy from you?
  • How to generate early leads that give you time to engage and learn about a customer?
  • How to write proposals that capture the imagination of readers and lead them to select you?
  • How to build a team that is the best in the business and is motivated to sell?

Please register here to learn these key principles and get on your way to building a high growth government business.



Raj Sharma
Public Spend Forum & GovShop
Founder and CEO
Market and Supplier Intelligence
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