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The government sales cycle can be looooooooong. It doesn’t have to be!

Every business, especially small businesses, need cash. There is little room to go months and months without a sale. Because many small businesses don’t know the tricks to shorten the cycle, they end up walking away from a lucrative market.

Well, guess what. There are actual ways to get in the door faster.

Our Founder Raj Sharma will go over a few strategies with real examples on how to shorten the sales cycle.

Based on proven strategies applied across different types of companies, we have seen approaches that can significantly shorten the sales cycle. They do require strong, differentiated businesses and offerings. But we have seen any type of business be able to apply these approaches.

Please register here to learn these key strategies and start getting more cash in the door, faster! 



Raj Sharma
Public Spend Forum
Founder and CEO
Market and Supplier Intelligence
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