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Improve Program and Procurement Outcomes through the proven 7MI Framework for Market Intelligence

Learn leading commercial and public sector market intelligence practices and frameworks, all incorporated into Public Spend Forum’s “7MI – 7 Economics and Market Intelligence Essentials” Master Class.

Market intelligence is one of the most critical activities in the overall buying process.  Whether you are a program manager, a business unit head, or a contracting officer, market intelligence helps you better understand all aspects of markets and suppliers including:

  • Understanding market segments and suppliers aligned to each segment
  • Knowing the “language of the market”
  • Understanding key trends shaping a market
  • Knowing the economic and pricing models
  • Identifying key differentiators of suppliers and which ones matter to you

But Market Intelligence is also time-consuming and complex.

That is why we’ve put together 7MI – 7 Economics and Market Intelligence Essentials” Master Class.

7MI can be best described as a framework that incorporates fundamentals of how markets work and basics of economics. It is designed to be fact-based and analytical as opposed to “hunches” and collaborative with an emphasis on early on supplier engagement.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure the 7MI framework leads to requirements that aligned with the market, increased market transparency and lower information asymmetries, and lower barriers for suppliers so the best suppliers participate in opportunities.

During this Abbreviated Overview Master Class, you will learn the overall framework and examples that you can start to put into place.

We will cover:

  • What is Market Intelligence?
  • 7MI Overview
  • Brief overview of each principle

This event will be 1.5 hours and eligible for 1.5 hours of CPE credit



Raj Sharma
Public Spend Forum
Founder and CEO
Market and Supplier Intelligence
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