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Finding and Engaging Emerging and Diverse Suppliers Can Seem Daunting and Time-Consuming

Do you spend an enormous amount of time researching various sites in the hopes of identifying emerging and diverse companies capable of addressing your critical needs?

Do you feel frustrated that you are unable to get them to bid even when you find them?

AI Provides a new opportunity to change the way we discover and engage small businesses

Given the power to process massive amounts of data and present insights that would not be possible by even a large team of analysts, Artificial Intelligence is changing the way market research and market intelligence is done to identify and engage small businesses.

Specific issues that AI is particularly suited to address include:

  • Finding hard to find innovative emerging and diverse companies that may be hidden inside of millions of startups
  • Understanding the capabilities and “language” used by companies which requires processing terabytes of data to look for patterns

Join Ben McMartin and Raj Sharma to learn, through case studies, how you and your team can use AI to:

  • Specify the right terminology that helps surface companies
  • Get a full understanding of a market including traditional and non-traditional suppliers
  • Filter and rank companies so you can get from thousands to the ones that matter for you
  • Understand the “language” used by suppliers so you can better communicate and engage
  • Improve statements of work and requirements documents to improve commercial alignment

Registration for this event will be limited to a small focus group. Please email for more information.



Ben McMartin
Public Spend Forum
Managing Partner
Raj Sharma
Public Spend Forum & GovShop
Founder & CEO
Market and Supplier Intelligence
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