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Thu, May 13, 2021 2:00 EDT
Registration is available until 13th May

How do you measure value in Public Procurement?

Governments around the world purchase over $10 trillion in goods and services to accomplish their missions, serve their citizens, and achieve public policy goals. But how do government leaders, policy makers, and citizens know the money is being spent effectively and efficiently?

Join us on May 13th, as we discuss howPublic Procurement can take to enhance their performance measurement, and how to utilize these insights to deliver value throughout the procurement lifecycle, including:

  •   What metrics should be the most consistently tracked? 
  •   How to measure metrics to ensure you generating valuable insights?

Plus, you will can access the Measuring Public Procurement Value Framework and learn how to utilize it.


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Ash Bedi
Managing Partner, Public Spend Forum
Sean Correll
Head of Public Sector, Ivalua
Raj Sharma
CEO & Founder, Public Spend Forum