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How do you measure value in Public Procurement?

Having a grasp on metrics is critical for ensuring that money is being spent effectively and efficiently, stakeholder inquiries can be addressed promptly, and better decisions can be made based on the right information. Governments around the world purchase over $10 trillion in goods and services to accomplish their missions, serve their citizens, and achieve public policy goals. But how do government leaders, policymakers, and citizens know the money is being spent effectively and efficiently?

At Public Spend Forum, our frustration with existing procurement metrics frameworks led us to create one that was designed to meet the needs of modern procurement experts. As the product of two years of research, we invite you to join us for an engaging discussion highlighting the framework we’ve adopted to analyze public procurement value and how it can work for your needs!

Join us on May 13th, as we discuss the steps Public Procurement Leaders can take to enhance their performance measurement and learn how to utilize these insights to deliver value throughout the procurement lifecycle, including:

  •   What metrics should be the most consistently tracked?
  •   How to measure metrics to ensure you are generating valuable insights?

Plus, you will access the Measuring Public Procurement Value Framework and learn how to utilize it.



Paul Brennan
County of Rockland
Director of Purchasing
Jack Pellegrino
Count of San Diego
Jarrod McAdoo
Public Sector Ivalua
Senior Product Manager
Raj Sharma
Public Spend Forum
CEO & Founder
Market and Supplier Intelligence
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