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Online Webinar
Tue, Jan 29, 2019 12:00‒1:00 pm ET EDT
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Sponsored by Periscope Holdings

At the State of Nevada, a new procurement chapter is being written.  It’s the chapter of modern, transparent, and intelligent procurement. Procurement Administrator Jeffrey Haag is leveraging his private sector background and public sector expertise to drive massive change. Haag and his team are redefining how procurement works within its own department, across the organization, and onto local governments, as well as for Nevada’s suppliers and taxpayers.

This webinar, presented in partnership with Periscope Holdings, addressed procurement strategy development, the eProcurement technology selection process – as well as user testimonials and overall program success.

Check out the recording below and find additional webinar content from Public Spend Forum on our YouTube channel.



Jeffrey Haag
State of Nevada
Purchasing Administrator
Brian Utley
Periscope Holdings
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