1776 I Street, 10th Floor Washington, DC 20006

As the new year is just getting started, join Public Spend Forum and our passionate team as we bring together our closest friends and colleagues to talk about how to pursue the ambitious mission of enabling open government markets.

We’ve created a community of government, suppliers, academic institutions, experts, and more to help address the most pressing needs and challenges and want this gathering to continue the discussion.

You are people we trust and people just as passionate about changing the way government engages markets and we’d love to get your guidance and advice. We value your input, your vision, and your partnership, and we want to get your feedback. How can we maximize the value of our respective forums, our brilliant differentiators, and our personal reputations to level the field worldwide for government procurement? While it probably won’t benefit us personally, the next generation of changemakers will thank us for raising the platform just a bit.

Dinner will be provided.

Registration closed.