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As a continuing part of our webinar series focused on helping chief procurement officers and acquisition executives understand the key skills and gaps of the procurement workforce, Public Spend Forum, in collaboration with NIGP, presented a second webinar covering the importance of developing a “Role-Skills Alignment Framework” for your public procurement function.

In the webinar titled “Aligning Public Procurement Roles with Key Skills” on April 24, 2018, Raj Sharma, PSF’s Chairman, and Ash Bedi, PSF’s Managing Director of Strategy & Research, provided a brief review of the PSF Public Procurement Competency Model, talked about common role areas in public procurement, and how to align role areas with public procurement competencies. These role areas and their alignment with procurement skills is an initial draft and will be further developed in collaboration with public leaders, including an ongoing effort with UPPCC (and stakeholders from NIGP and NASPO).

Sharma and Bedi engaged in a discussion on what competencies should be a priority for your procurement function, and explained that, according to procurement leaders and experts, it truly depends because there are several factors that influence priority competencies in your organization. Other key takeaways included discussion on how role areas can be managed to emphasize the development of competencies most important to that role area and how specific roles within the role areas can be more specifically aligned with the competencies and with further delineation for individual career progress and management.

Take a look at the recording below for in-depth insights and practical advice for your organization!

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