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Recap & Recording: Skills of a World-Class Public Procurement Workforce

Online Webinar
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As part of our webinar series focused on helping Chief Procurement Officers and Acquisition Executives understand the key skills and gaps of the procurement workforce, Public Spend Forum, in collaboration with NIGP, provided an overview of the Public Procurement Workforce Competency Model.  In the webinar titled “Skills of a World-Class Public Procurement Workforce” on March 27, 2018,  Ash Bedi, PSF’s Managing Director of Strategy & Research, discussed the need and importance of a competency model that informs workforce development priorities and described the 17 identified competencies organized by four major competency areas.
Special guest speaker Jack Pellegrino, Director of Procurement (Chief Procurement Officer) – County of San Diego, also presented a case study on how he is using the Public Procurement Workforce Competency Model within his organization. Jack employed the model for the initial assessment of his team to identify their strengths and to prioritize competencies for improvement for the coming year. Going through the exercise using the model assisted in getting leaders on the same page.  In addition, Jack provided a preview of the “role-competency alignment matrix” highlighting how he has deployed the key public procurement competencies within his organization. Jack emphasized that the role-competency alignment matrix has clarified expectations across his entire procurement team and serves as the backbone for performance appraisal discussions.
The webinar also provided an overview of the Public Spend Forum Public Procurement Critical Competencies and Skills Rating National Survey. The survey results were based on 300+ procurement leaders’ responses from national government leaders across the public sector. This survey is ongoing and we encourage procurement leaders to take the survey as we will update the survey results periodically.
Take a look at the recording below for in-depth insights on the model and practical advice on how to use it within your organization!

In the second webinar of the series, Public Spend Forum and NIGP will describe the importance of developing a “Role-Skills Alignment Matrix” for your Public Procurement Function. Speakers will provide a brief overview the Public Procurement Competency Model and objectives of a “Role-Competency Alignment Matrix.” In addition, learn through discussion and a case study presentation about common roles in public procurement and what influences those roles your procurement function requires. Registration is open!

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