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If you are curious about how drones are used in the public sector and want to learn how to buy them, then this pre-recorded webinar will get you on the right track.

Drones are doing amazing work in the public sector, from creating 3D models of large mountains to helping in disaster recovery and firefighting missions. And thanks to recent regulatory advancements, its becoming easier for government programs and commercial entities to derive benefit from integrating drones into their operations.

As we learned in “How to Buy Drones” with special guest experts from the public and private sector, regulatory easing, and vendor consolidation have made it easier for organizations to benefit from drones while providing a diversity of options for procurement. As a result, the product choices are proliferating.  Governments at all levels are beginning to take note, and operators are eager to satisfy demand.

But what are the considerations for government programs and contracting? How can you examine this emerging market to ensure you are acquiring drone services at the best value for your customers? Take 55 minutes and answer your questions today!

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