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Thu, Apr 28, 2022 11:00 AM ‒ 12:30 PM PDT
This event has already passed

Join one of our leading experts, Hassan Khan from the UK, for an insightful MasterClass!

As we accelerate our GovMarket Strategy and Sales program, we are excited to bring leading experts from around the world to sharpen our skills and help us accelerate our sales.

In anticipation of launching our overall program, we wanted to offer you the chance to attend a live webinar (on Thursday 28th April) from one of our lead instructors, Hassan Khan, Founder of Limitless Humans. The session is going to be on an incredible topic – the Psychology of Influence and Persuasion.  It’s a great chance to see Hassan in action, get a taste for what our Masterclasses from leading experts are like.

This is an introductory session (with a few surprises on the call) that will help you sell your ideas, build your brand, develop meaningful relationships, increase your profits and build the life you want!

Come along if you’re interested in learning:

  • How to frame your ideas and offers so that they stand out from the crowd
  • ️ How to better promote yourself and your initiatives to get your business and face in front of the people who can help you generate success
  • How to build stronger relationships with those around you to create networks that helps you grow
  • ️ How to sell and close deals more effectively for higher success rates
  • ️ How to foster more effective buy in to drive commitment around your initiatives


Register at link below.

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