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Online Webinar
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To achieve our national, economic, and national security priorities, driving innovation is at the heart of the National, Defense, and Federal agenda. Even as we collaborate with industry partners and the entire ecosystem to drive innovation across critical domains, INNOVATING FROM WITHIN the government and Department of Defense is what it’s going to take to both tap into the innovation potential of everyone inside and outside of the government.

Join us for this special virtual conversation with leaders who have been in the trenches or guiding innovation and transformation initiatives to unlock the human potential that lurks across all of government and beyond.

We will be joined by three amazing leaders who are truly driving change:


The WHY of People – Highlighted in Raj Sharma’s TEDx, learn the 3 Ps of why people work and how to help them grow and at the same time make your organization thrive

Fireside Chat – Facilitated by Raj Sharma

  • Paul Pucket, CTO at Clarity and recent Former Director of the Enterprise Cloud Management Agency, U.S. Army
  • Kristin Saling, Director of the  Innovation Cell, U.S. Army Human Resources Command
  • Dr. Marina Theodotou, Organizational Change & Leadership Enterprise Initiatives Lead, Defense Acquisition University

Here is the recorded event video:



Dr. Marina Theodotou
Defense Acquisition University, Organizational Change and
Leadership Enterprise Initiatives Lead
Kristin Saling
U.S. Army HR Command
Director of the Innovation Cell
Paul Pucket
Clarity (CTO), Former Director at
Enterprise Cloud Management Agency, U.S. Army
Raj Sharma
Public Spend Forum & GovShop
Founder & CEO
Market and Supplier Intelligence
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