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Let’s get you leveraging tech solutions to improve engagement and employee mental health.

Hiring and keeping the right talent has never been more difficult. And as widely proven, employee engagement is the single biggest differentiator that sets apart successful, high performing companies from those that are not.

As the pandemic rages on and impacts your team’s professional and personal lives, taking key measures to address their motivation and mental health becomes critical.

While traditional methods to address these are important, technology absolutely has a critical role to play as well — especially cutting-edge tools built specifically to address employee engagement, motivation and mental health. 

What are these technologies’ — and how can your organization or agency apply them to drive highly engaged, highly motivated teams, regardless of where they work from?

Join us at this virtual event to learn  from three venture backed companies and from our partner, the Society of Human Resource Management, on innovative tools to drive high employee engagement — leading to motivated & happy employees and successful organizations.



Claire Haidar
CEO & Founder
Ulf Zetterberg
Time Is Ltd.
President & CRO
Kerry Schrader
CEO, Co-Founder
Amber Clayton
SHRM, Society for Human Resource Management
Knowledge Center Director
Raj Sharma
Public Spend Forum
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