Online Webinar
Wed, Mar 25, 2020 11:30 am EDT
Registration is available until 25th Mar

We should actually call this session ‘5 Things You Should Do Right Now to Tap Into the $25B and More of Goods and Services Buys by Federal Agencies!’ Here’s why:

Federal spending under FAR Part 13, the Simplified Acquisition Procedures, continues to grow at breakneck speed for the last 11 completed fiscal years. This growth is unmatched by any other type of procurement method. During this session, the SCIIF’s Go-To-Guy Timberlake offers up five actions companies can act on immediately to better position themselves for being aware of and contenders for billions of dollars worth of requirements for goods and services that often fly beneath the radar of most large and many small companies.

Need more incentive?

For FY 2020, as of March 13th, 36 of 72 federal agencies with reported Simplfied Acquisition spend have obligated $3B more than the same period last fiscal year. FY 2019 was a record year for Simplified Acquisition spending, with over $25B in purchases.

This event took place on Mar 25, 2020. Follow our news and updates.


Go-To-Guy Timberlake
Co-Founder and Chief Visionary at SCIIF