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There are many ways in which augmented reality (AR)/virtual reality (VR) can assist the government and help it function more efficiently. With applications ranging from training to maintenance to JIT technical instruction and simulations, the Extended Reality sector is a hot market. So Public Spend Forum and GovShop convened a webinar on October 24th, 2019 to discuss how the market is organizing itself to provide these applications to the public sector.

Our AR/VR Market Map (below) served as the foundation for the coverage. Our research suggests there are 3 primary segmentations for products and services that comprise this marketplace: Hardware, Software, and End Use Solutions. Host Ash Bedi, Managing Director of Public Spend Forum, suggested that buyers who are just beginning their journey should look to vendors offering End Use solutions that are pertinent to their industry, whether it’s education, construction, or transportation. 

In terms of the suppliers who make up this marketplace, data from GovShop suggests the demographics are varied, with traditional “blue blood’ companies to emerging startups bringing disruptive technologies to the marketplace fighting for their piece of the discretionary pie. We talked more specifically about these companies, and the segments to which they belong, in a recent blog post.

But the focus of our webinar was providing use cases in each of the primary segments, and the opportunity to demonstrate how these segments can easily be researched using our market and supplier intelligence tool, GovSHop. Our co-host Connor Paskoff identified three case studies for each segment during the webinar:

  1. Department of the Army – Virtual Reality Headset
  2. Department of the Army – Synthetic Training Environment (STE) Training Simulation Software (TSS)
  3. Department of the Air Force – Virtual Reality Training

Fortunately for anyone intent on researching this market, GovShop makes it very easy to find vendors with Extended Reality capabilities. If you have an idea of your keywords or commodity codes (and if you don’t, we’ve got resources for that), you can quickly query our growing database of nearly 300 suppliers to see who does what, where, and under which category.

As Ash demonstrated during the webinar, GovShop uses dynamic filters that are designed to meet common market research needs. Once a relevant supplier is found, our high-resolution profiles provide a snapshot of the information you need to make decisions about which suppliers deserve more of your time and attention.

AR VR Category and Supplier Filters

Are you looking for top government contractors capable of delivering your next extended reality need? This is a webinar worth watching!

Check out the webinar recording above and watch other relevant videos from Public Spend Forum on our YouTube channel!



Ash Bedi
Strategy & Research
Managing Director
Market and Supplier Intelligence
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