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If you’re buying IT in the public sector today, there’s a good chance you’ve had to make some tough decisions about how to secure it. Cyber threats are persistent and evolving, and they arise anytime an organization brings a service online, launches a new website, or attempts to engage users via electronic means.

It can be a difficult task for procurement professionals to acquire cybersecurity solutions when the marketplace (and the threat environment) is changing so fast. What are all the solutions that exist, and the avenues available to acquire them? Whether you are packaging cyber solutions with an IT purchase or acquiring them through a specific solicitation, you’ll benefit from hearing experts share insights on how to get it right.

Check out our webinar recording where we discussed the landscape for cyber security in the public sector and shared tips for government contracting professionals on how to buy them. For more best practices, subscribe to our YouTube channel!



Frank McNally
Public Spend Forum
Director of Learning & Content Development
Spence Witten
Lunarline, Inc.
Vice President Global Sales
Neil Chaudhuri
Market and Supplier Intelligence
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