Online Webinar
Thu, May 07, 2020 2:00 ‒ 3:00 pm EDT
Registration is available until 7th May

U.S. federal government spending priorities are shifting in response to the evolving demands of the COVID-19 response. In Censeo Consulting’s latest report, they highlight several key insights from the past 6 weeks of federal spend data to inform funding decisions by agency leaders and policymakers on COVID-19 relief and response efforts.

As Censeo Consulting continues to monitor the data, they will release periodic updates. In this recorded webinar, Censeo discusses additional analysis and findings and dives into the data and insights within their report covering March 13 – April 23, 2020 and provides key takeaways in a recent blog.

See full reports from Censeo Consulting.

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Ben McMartin
Managing Partner, Public Spend Forum
Frank McNally
Director of Learning & Content Development, Public Spend Forum
Vinai Trichur
Managing Partner, Censeo Consulting
Clara Cecil
Consultant, Censeo Consulting