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Wed, Aug 12, 2020 1:00 ‒ 2:00 EDT
Registration is available until 12th Aug

What is the single biggest hurdle that small companies face when entering the public sector market?

Public Spend Forum hosted industry experts to discuss barriers to entry that emerging tech companies face when trying to enter the public sector market.

Featuring insightful perspectives, this webinar discussed the biggest hurdles that large and small companies encounter and suggestions on how both government and industry can improve.

This webinar is also kicking off Public Spend Forum’s global study on Barriers to Entry in Government Markets. Learn more about participating in the survey!

This event took place on Aug 12, 2020. Follow our news and updates.


Ash Bedi
Public Spend Forum
Managing Partner
Frank McNally
Public Spend Forum
Director of Learning & Content Development
Fatema Hamdani
Kraus Hamdani Aerospace, Inc.
Co-founder, CEO
Spence Witten
Lunarline, Inc.
Sr. Security Consultant