Webinar: Skills of a World-Class Public Procurement Workforce

Public Spend Forum and NIGP provide an overview of the Public Procurement Workforce Competency Model and discuss the results of how public procurement leaders across the U.S. self-assessed their organizations against each of the competencies.



Three Key Skills This Procurement Leader Thinks Everyone Should Have

Jenny Doherty, CPO for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, joined Raj Sharma, Chairman and CEO of Public Spend Forum, for her turn on the mic in this week's Procurement Leader Podcast. Managing a $3 billion spend and leading over 70 procurement professionals, she shared perspectives and thoughts on procurement leadership from her professional career.



Meet The Contracting Folks Who Are Encouraging New IT Vendors

Steve Kelman shares some innovations that can be applied by contracting officers across government.


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The attached case study presents an example of how to simplify and streamline sustainable practices, by leveraging the technology platform  Ecomedes . This technology company is dedicated to streamlining sustainable practices through innovation and their platform, the Fulcrum, ...
Two years ago Sweden’s land-ownership authority, the Lantmäteriet, started testing blockchain technology for property sales and is now ready to conduct its first transaction. The organisation is shortlisting volunteers to participate in the buying and selling of property on its ...
Newly announced, Tenderlake is a UK start-up of 2016 with a SaaS solution that leverages Artificial Intelligence to help organisations find and win more public tenders. It scouts websites and marketing materials, then finds customers with open opportunities to supply the products ...
The UK rail industry, with help from British Steel, has created a ground-breaking partnership with eight universities to deliver four world-class centres of excellence – they will cover rolling stock, infrastructure, digital systems and testing and trialling. This exciting new ...
The Convergence of the Internet of Things, Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence. Part 1. There is an important issue in the world of Procurement. While the future of the function is at stake, too many CPOs and Procurement organisations are looking at the future of Procurement ...
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As Chief Procurement Officer of King County, Washington, Danielle Hinz has her own dreams for improving the procurement function. From technology modernization to shortening the RFP process using lean methods, she's proving that private sector best practices are absolutely workable ...
Research by the UK's Open Contracting Partnership, and OpenOpps, an open data start-up analysing government contracting, shows that of about 450 public contracts of the 208 public bodies spending money with Carillion, less than 50 public contract notices could be verified by ...
The representatives of Eastern Partnership countries of Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine have met to discuss emerging regional trends, and common and country-specific challenges in tackling corruption risks in public procurement. A new structure for institutional cooperation ...
Over the course of the last decade, a lot has changed in public procurement. Among other developments, international organizations have gotten more involved in public procurement policy, creating toolkits (think O.E.C.D in Paris), and standardizing how procurement is integrated ...
A recent outsourced services company's unfair dismissals in a UK prison have raised more procurement-related questions. So here are two good questions you could use in your tender evaluation processes, particularly for complex outsourced services contracts that have a major “people ...
  • Just to illustrate how a clause can be structured (this is from an industry standard contract for agile implementation of a cloud ERP system). The percentages are of course negotiable: Consequence of Target Price: The Supplier shall practice professional management and ...

  • From what I've read about Agile contracts for iterative software development and implementation projects, shared savings contracts are used after an initial learning period of a few sprints after which the original indicative or soft fixed-price is negotiated to be a firm fixed-price ...

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Jose Arrieta

Director, U.S. GSA's Office of IT Schedule Contract Operations

Jenny Doherty

Chief Procurement Officer,
Commonwealth Of PA

John (Jack) Pellegrino

Director, Purchasing & Contracting,
County Of San Diego

Dr. Steve Kelman

Professor of Public Management,
Harvard University

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