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Leaders Exchange Community — Membership Benefits

The Public and Social Sector Procurement / Acquisition Best Practices Exchange is a global initiative to connect public and social sector leaders in procurement, acquisitions, public sector contracting, and to collect and disseminate actionable best practices.

In partnership with faculty from Michigan State University’s #1 Ranked Procurement and Supply Chain program, the Exchange includes local and state governments, and national and federal governments from around the world. Membership is currently by invite-only for public sector leaders. Please request to join by clicking the button below or emailing us at

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Benefits Exchange Exchange PLUS A La Carte
Annual Plan Free $1000/Year Contact Us
Connect and Collaborate — Create Your Profile; Connect with Local, National and Global Community of Leaders within Government, Industry, Academia; and Attend Exclusive Exchange Meetings
Exclusive Access to Global Community of Leaders (By Invite Only) x x
Read, Create, and Participate in Discussions and Blogs x x
Attend and Learn at Events x x
Create Private Team Space — Collaborate with Your Team By Establishing Your Own Private Team Space
Where You Can Start Discussions, Post Documents in a Secure Environment
Create Private Community for Team x
Create Private Library and Private Discussions x
Access Best Practices and Premium Content – Learn and Stay Abreast of the Latest and Critical Issues of Interest in Public Procurement / Acquisition Management and Leadership
NewsWire x
Access Community Library and Best Practices x x
Access Benchmarks and Premium Research x x
Access Diagnostic Tools x x
Attend Exclusive Training x
Attend, Learn, and Exchange Perspectives at Events
Webinars x (Basic) x (Premium)
PSF Community Events x x (20% Discount)
Global Best Practices Exchange Events x x