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Public Sector Heroes Podcast | Heidi Hertel

Episode 27 of the Public Sector Heroes Podcast feat. Fitz Frames Founders Heidi Hertel and Gabriel Schlumberger

Written by Sarah Doherty 

Fitz Frames, a member of Public Spend Forum x Shatter’s Fund’s inaugural women-led tech accelerator, is revolutionizing the way we see and providing custom solutions for underserved groups.

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Raj Sharma, CEO & Founder of Public Spend Forum, spoke with Founder of Fitz Frames Heidi Hertel and CEO Gabriel Schlumberger on this episode of our Public Sector Heroes Podcast to hear how they are revolutionizing the process of buying glasses from “terrible and disappointing” to an easy and personal experience. Through the use of additive manufacturing and 3D printing, Fitz Frames customers are able to buy glasses through their phone that have specific measurements to perfectly fit their face. While their original target audience was children, Heidi and Gabriel quickly realized that Fitz Frames is widely applicable in a modern world tainted by inequity, pandemic, and natural disasters.

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For example, Fitz Frames worked on PPE to create a custom solution in just 11 days for doctors and nurses working on the pandemic’s frontline. It is this ability to quickly produce solutions for unique situations that makes Fitz Frame’s solution so applicable to the public sector market and reach populations in remote and underserved areas, such as schoolchildren who have been particularly affected by the pandemic. As Heidi notes, “Glasses [can] improve public education far more than anything else,” demonstrating another of the many applications Fitz Frames has for the public sector market. Military pilots and soldiers are other unique groups that Fitz Frames hopes to help with their innovative solution. 

To hear more about Fitz Frames and their applications to the public sector market, listen to the podcast here:

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