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The current state of public sector cyber security procurement |

Special Episode on Public Sector Cyber Security

  You may take for granted how integral digital services have become in our daily lives. A decade ago you couldn’t check your email from your cell phone, but today you can send and receive messages to people all over the globe. Service delivery has changed as well, and the public sector has made great strides to keep up.

But with the ubiquity of digital services comes new challenges that the public sector must address, namely securing our technology infrastructure. As challenging as it can be to procure digital services, it can be just as difficult if not more so to acquire the cyber security expertise and tools necessary to prevent bad things from happening.

  Fortunately, there are people hard at work in the public and private sector to solve these problems and protect all of us from malevolent threats hiding deep within the net. For a special episode of the Public Procurement Leaders podcast, we invited three private sector leaders who develop and sell cyber security solutions to the federal government. We asked each of them a series of questions about what’s working, what needs improvement, and what advice they have for their counterparts in government procurement organizations.

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We got some great and insightful feedback that is relevant for anyone whose mission touches cybersecurity. A special thanks to our guests, who we list below along with a brief bio. Stay tuned for more events from Public Spend Forum that help connect buyers and suppliers in the public sector marketplace and promote high-quality cyber security outcomes for all involved.

Guests listed in order of appearance:

  • Dan Waddell, a Senior Vice President with Zeneth Technology Partners, has over 25 years of experience in information technology and cybersecurity.
  • Spence Witten, the Vice President for Global Sales (a role that includes responsibility for public sector sales) at Lunarline
  • Brian Hart, a Federal Partner at GuidePoint Security which provides customized, innovative and valuable cybersecurity solutions to enable organizations to achieve their security and business goals

Listen to the episode and stay tuned for some great cyber security-related events coming your way! To access additional resources, check out Public Spend Forum’s coverage of the cyber market

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