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Public Sector Heroes Podcast | Brian Chidester

Listen to Brian Chidester and his insights on public sector digital transportation here.

Have you ever watched the World Cup or do you plan on watching the next one in 2022? Well, if you are curious as to what goes into planning a world cup, Brian Chidester is one of the brains behind the great event! Brian is head of worldwide industry at OpenText, a global leader in helping organizations manage information at scale, which is assisting to digitally transform the Qatar government in preparation for the 2022 World Cup.

Raj Sharma, CEO & Founder of Public Spend Forum, spoke with Brian on this episode of our Public Sector Heroes Podcast to get his insight on digital information and content management.

But, what does it really mean to digitally transform the Qatar government for the World Cup?

Digital transformation has been a huge focus for governments globally over the past decade and there is a key difference between IT modernization and digital transformation. IT modernization is simply the idea that new technology is needed to replace old technology, while digital transformation is more complex and looks strategically at the type of technology needed. This is extremely relevant to the public sector since government procurement is shifting to become more strategic when finding new technology. Through the business units at OpenText, Brian is able to support this shift around information management. 

Not only did Brian share his insights on the importance of digital transformation in the public sector, but he also gave some general advice on how to navigate and be successful in the public sector:

  • Getting solutions without long wait times: It is about the little wins and gaining momentum from them which will lead to better strategic outcomes in the coming years.
  • Getting noticed: They are looking for innovation since 80% of a given agency’s budget is typically going towards maintenance of a legacy system, but be patient!
  • Advice for emerging companies: The opportunities are massive since the public sector includes so many different industries packaged into one, but you must embrace the market.

To hear more tips about the public sector as well as Brian’s insights, listen to our podcast here.

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