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  I had the great fortune to speak with several leaders in government and industry about a novel approach to improving communication: the reverse industry day. At a time when seemingly everyone agrees that collaboration between government and industry leaves a lot to be desired, it is refreshing to hear of the success the Department of Homeland Security has experienced by turning the tables on the traditional approach to communication.

In episode 12 of the Public Impact Podcast, we hear from Soraya Correa, Chief Procurement Officer for DHS, Harrison Smith, formerly DHS Industry Liaison, and Jeff Goldberg, Chief Operating Officer at analytics firm tIAG as they discuss the intent behind the reverse industry day. Throughout the course of the episode, each interviewee shares their take on the problems that reverse industry days solve, their hopes for more open and earnest communication, and what other agencies can do to reap the benefits of this novel approach to learning.

We recommend that anyone in public procurement listen to this episode because the story goes deeper than one single event. What stands out most about this episode is the similarity in communication goals that each participant shares, be they government or industry. Everyone wants the same thing, albeit for slightly different reasons. That’s why we were compelled to focus the next in our series of five minute learning videos on the topic of improving communication between government and industry.

This is an incredibly important topic for improving public procurement and we hope this content is useful and practical for all of our audience. And we remind everyone that communication doesn’t always have to be in person or over the phone. The open discussion forums we host right here in the community portal are a great method for sharing information with industry about upcoming procurement actions and getting advice on future strategies and requirements.

Thanks for listening and we look forward to supporting the open exchange of ideas and information that is so critical to desired public procurement outcomes.

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