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Governments around the world purchase approximately $10 trillion in goods and services to accomplish their missions, serve their citizens, and achieve public policy goals. How do government leaders and managers, policy makers, and citizens know the money is being spent effectively and efficiently?

The answer is they don’t know for sure. Based on Public Spend Forum’s 2-year study on the Metrics of Public Procurement, we found no consistent measurement framework exists to guide management and oversight of trillions in spending.

However, there is recognition that data and metrics-based management is essential to delivering outcomes to missions, citizens, and constituencies. More and more governments are developing dashboards, using data, and driving a culture change that can inevitably improve the effectiveness of public procurement spending.

Challenge of Measuring Public Procurement Function

To address the need for a standard framework for measuring public procurement performance, Public Spend Forum studied current practices and a potential path forward that could be utilized across the world.

The result is the Measurement of Public Procurement Value (MPV) Framework and it is intended to provide public sector executives and procurement leaders, as well as policy makers a consistent and robust framework for:

  • measuring the performance of public procurement spending towards achieving goals
  • proven strategies that can be deployed to achieve goals

In Part 1 of this series, we presented the results of our study and a brief introduction to the MPV Framework. Part 2 of this series, we released the full report and provided more details on specific metrics and how leaders should implement them.

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