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Content for #Public Procurement Measurement

Running a workshop last week with around 30 public sector managers, we got into an interesting discussion about the EU procurement directives and the approach to “lots”. That was surprising perhaps, as few of the group were procurement experts, but …
As a son of an Australian immigrant, one of my father’s most prized possessions—and yet one which my mom kept hidden in a guest room until the past few years as we have dealt with his Alzheimer’s—is a set of two lithograph prints my grandmother brought with them when she and my father immigrated from Sydney, Australia to Amarillo, Texas after World War II. The prints are historical, daily life depictions of Aboriginal culture. This unease of how to deal with the Aboriginal works in our own family is somewhat metaphorical for the social, economic, and cultural problems Australia as a country has had in dealing with this group of over half a million people—now also commonly referred to as the “First Australians” or “Indigenous Australians.”
We listed our six challenges for public procurement in 2015 at the beginning of the month. Here they are again.