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Yes, Contract Spending Really Does Increase a Lot in September, USASpending Says

We’re halfway through the government’s fourth quarter, and experienced contractors know what that means–lots of awards on the horizon. According to a fascinating new analysis from , the fourth quarter spike in contract awards is quite real, and quite significant: the...

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SmallGovCon Week in Review: August 6-10, 2018

Happy Friday, everybody! It’s that time of year: federal contractors are rushing to submit bids, with the hope of awards before the end of the fiscal year. So we hope that you’re all gearing up for a relaxing weekend. Let’s get the weekend started off right with the SmallGovCon Week in...

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VetBiz Verification Not Required For Non-VA SDVOSB Contracts, SBA OHA Reiterates

Despite a longstanding and very common misconception, the VA’s SDVOSB verification requirement doesn’t apply to non-VA SDVOSB contracts. As the SBA Office of Hearings and Appeals recently reiterated, it was “simply not correct” to believe that a company was required to be verified in VetBiz to...

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Should Federal Contracting Be More Like Airbnb?

Roger Cohen is a columnist for the New York Times. He mostly writes about foreign policy, but his most-recent column strays from the beaten path to focus on Airbnb. The column begins with an account of a recent conversation Cohen had with Brian Chesky, Airbnb’s founder and CEO. “He told...

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Word Choice Made Simple: The Ultimate Guide To Government Contracting Keywords

The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Keywords for your Government Contracting Business Competing for government contracts is such a challenge. Vendors complain they can only compete for the solicitations they know about, but what of all the opportunities that never come across their...

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Public Spend Forum's Public Procurement Weekly Roundup

Use of CSO acquisition procedures is ramping up quickly across federal agencies, a recent survey finds acquisition professionals don’t find innovation important to successful procurement, and 1,500 public organizations have signed new contracts to buy directly from Amazon. This is Public Spend...

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The Cascading Impact of Untimely Debriefing Requests on GAO Protests

A recent GAO decision in Exceptional Software Strategies is an instructive reminder of the applicable rule concerning the timeliness of a contractor's debriefing request and illustrates the cascading impact such request has on protest timeliness. [1] As many of us know, a debriefing can...