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Highways Procurement Survey

A recent UK Highways/ FiTZ INDEX survey has revealed that the majority of respondents (54.3%) disagreed or strongly disagreed that ‘procurement in the highways sector is fair for non-Tier One suppliers and for new entrants.’ It paints a worrying picture of the nature of procurement in the...

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Sustainable Cities Platform and the Transformative Action Award

The Transformative Action Award rewards ongoing or concluded innovative local and regional initiatives that achieve a socio-cultural, socio-economic and technological transformation of societies by using the pathways identified in the Basque Declaration. The award is co-organised by ICLEI Europe...

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Ireland’s Police Force Reducing Reliance on Contractors

The Garda (An Garda Síochána – the Republic of Ireland’s police force) is training more of its own ICT staff instead of outsourcing to contractors. It is a move following an internal audit of procurement practices in relation to information and communications technology contracts worth millions...

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Procurement Innovation – What Does It Really Mean?

We know that “Procurement Innovation” is something that is dear to the hearts of many Public Spend Forum readers and indeed many working on both the buy and supply sides of the public procurement world, across many countries. But as this has become a hot topic, it has also led to some confusion...