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A Great Example of Leadership: "Own" Mistake and Provide "Top Cover"

There is much discussion about the risk averse nature of government and procurement/acquisition specifically. There are many root causes for this but one I believe to be true is the lack of leadership support when something goes wrong. It is easy to ask your workforce to be innovative and easy...

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Call for Contributions - EcoProcura 2018

The EcoProcura conference series started in 1998 as a forum to promote exchange and dialogue on the latest strategies and practical solutions on sustainable, circular and innovation procurement. Now the 10th conference brings together over 400 procurers, policy makers, businesses, researchers...

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UK Rail Research and Innovation Network Launched

The UK rail industry, with help from British Steel, has created a ground-breaking partnership with eight universities to deliver four world-class centres of excellence – they will cover rolling stock, infrastructure, digital systems and testing and trialling. This exciting new £92m rail...

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London Garden Bridge Failed Project – In The News Again

The Architect’s Journal reports that the “Garden Bridge Trust refuses to hand over meeting records.” Following the termination of the Garden Bridge project, and after a loss of nearly £50 million of taxpayers’ money, critics say the charity behind the halted project has ‘gone rogue’ after it...

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UK Offender Tagging Programme - Catastrophic Waste of Public Money

of Justice’s (MoJ) “offender tagging...tags should have been deployed procure the new tags. At the time of...rolling out the new tags from the end of 2018...the new tags are now expected to be ready

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Virginia-based IT Firm Tagged with $16m False Claims Settlement

Virginia IT products and services company, ADS Inc., has agreed to settle with the government over allegations of false claims and fraud in federal small business contracts. The defense contractor and their subsidiaries will pay the U.S. government $16 million to settle the False Claims Act...

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Sustainable Cities Platform and the Transformative Action Award

The Transformative Action Award rewards ongoing or concluded innovative local and regional initiatives that achieve a socio-cultural, socio-economic and technological transformation of societies by using the pathways identified in the Basque Declaration. The award is co-organised by ICLEI Europe...

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Ireland’s Police Force Reducing Reliance on Contractors

The Garda (An Garda Síochána – the Republic of Ireland’s police force) is training more of its own ICT staff instead of outsourcing to contractors. It is a move following an internal audit of procurement practices in relation to information and communications technology contracts worth millions...

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Recommendations and New Strategies in Scottish Procurement

The Scottish Parliament’s cross-party group for construction has been advised by specialist contractors on ways to improve public procurement. Among the proposals are greater use of project bank accounts, placing retentions in trust and the creation of a construction regulator. There are more...

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Showcase Your Public Authority’s Procurement Process

It’s time again for the Procura+ awards which recognise sustainable and innovative public procurements which lead to real improvements in public goods, services, processes and infrastructure. They are co-ordinated by ICLEI, in co-operation with the EU-funded Procure2Innovate project. Call for...